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Hail Damage Repair Process

Now that you have selected a Killeen Texas roofing company it’s time to understand a little bit about the process of your roof replacement.

If you have had a hailstorm in your area or have seen hail rain down upon your home. It is time to contact a qualified roofer for an inspection.

1. Roof Inspection

At the time of your inspection, your local roofer will visit your home and give a visual inspection from the ground upon his arrival. If you are home, the inspector will introduce himself, but it is not necessary that you be home to get the inspection completed.  Next year roofing professionals will place a ladder against your home and climb up on your roof depending upon the pitch of the roof, it may take additional equipment to walk around up on it, or they may have to perform the inspection from the latter with binoculars.  

The roofing professional will perform an inspection and look for several signs of hail damage which could include cracks, shingles, punctured shingles, shingles with broken corners, even tree limbs that may have punctured your roof. If the inspector feels that punctures may be allowing water to infiltrate, he may work with you on making a temporary repair after taking photos of the damaged areas.

Your roof inspector may work with you to contact your insurance company and begin the claim process if he feels that the damage warrants a roof replacement. You do not necessarily want to submit a claim on your roof until an inspection has been completed and a roofer can give you a recommendation on the damage and its remedy. If you want to know more about Is Roofing Safe in the Winter? see Can Roofers Work in Winter? in our article.

2. Submitting an Insurance Claim

Once a roof claim has been made to your insurance agent, they will likely send out an adjuster to confirm what the inspector found and recommend that they claim the approved or denied.  Upon approval of a claim, the insurance company will notify you of the amount that they intend to pay and if agreed upon by you, they will send you a check for the amount covering the roof repair or replacement.

3. Roof Replacement or Repairs

You are then free to use whomever you would like to replace your roof or make necessary repairs. Typically, the agreed-upon amount will cover the entire roof replacement so that your home will have a brand-new roof that would last for upwards of 30 to 40 years, depending on the shingle chosen. It is also at your option to upgrade your shingles during the roof replacement, just know that the insurance company will not necessarily pay for your upgrade, although a lot of times, the amount paid for the claim will be sufficient to cover this additional cost.

Quick Tips

Here are some things to keep in mind… Your power ventilators and manual ventilators will likely need to be replaced if hail damage was present.  Significant damage may have occurred to them, and we have seen hail render them completely inoperable.  Vent pipe aka “roof jacks” may also need replacing.  Satellite dishes and other accessories on your roof may have also incurred damage and will need to be inspected.

Contact K2T Roofing for your Hail Damage Repairs in Killeen

For roof repairs after a hail storm, it’s best to contact a roofing professional. K2T Roofing provides the best roof repairs for hail damage in Killeen TX. For more information regarding roof inspections for storm damage and hail damage, call us today!

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