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Can Roofers Work in Winter?

Roofing work can be performed in the winter, but not all roofers want to do it. While working on a roof will always come with its own set of dangers, there are specific concerns you may have during the colder months. Let’s discuss those concerns and what they mean for your roofing project.

Is Roofing Safe in Winter?

While most roofers will be willing to work on your home in the winter, it doesn’t mean it’s always safe for them. Cold weather can present significant dangers, including these three risks:

  • Slipping while working on the roof– Freezing temperatures can present additional hazardous conditions for roofers.   Roofing work takes place in the early morning hours.   A roofs shingles can have freezing fog, frozen dew, snow or ice on them.  Working in these conditions can mean the roofing crew may slip on ladder rungs or walking across the roof.   Its really not acceptable conditions to work in but many roofers are trying to complete jobs quickly and will sometimes take additional risks.
  • Falling off the roof– Even if there aren’t weak spots on your roof, working on your roof in winter can be dangerous. Falling off a slanted surface carries its own risks because it gives gravity a chance to take hold without resistance. When someone falls off a roof, they run the risk of broken bones, cuts, bruises, and even death.
  • Shingles and other roof membranes will not install correctly– Freezing temps and even temps below 35 degrees pose installation issues.   Cold temps can make materials brittle and unworkable as the asphalt component of these materials becomes less pliable.   Manufacturers also will not warranty installations below certain temperatures.  If your roofer is wanting to work in colder temps it is a good idea for them to show you the warranty information and installation instructions.

Safety is a primary concern when working on roofs in the winter. While roofers are more likely to fall and injure themselves, many professional companies have the experience, knowledge and equipment to handle the job correctly. Roofers need to wear proper shoes and attire when they go out on a roof, but it’s even more critical during colder months when there is more ice and snow than usual. In general, a professional roofing company will not work if the risks outweigh the benefits or if it will void a warranty. Visit our post Important Facts About Roofing Storm Damage to read more about Important Facts Most People Don’t Know About Roofing Storm Damage.

Are There Other Dangers with Working in the Winter?

When it comes to roofing risks, it’s not always just the fall risks that pose a threat to quality work. If it’s too cold and roofers wear thick gloves, they may struggle with hand strength and agility. This can cause them to drop tools or be unable to complete your work correctly.

If you need to have your roof repaired or replaced in winter, it’s essential to know that not all Killeen roofers are comfortable working on roofs during this season. Some roofers may lack training and experience repairing roofs during inclement weather conditions. Many roofing contractors work primarily during the warmer months of the year, so they may not be prepared for cold weather-related issues like ice dams.

Remember, roofing materials are subjected to several issues as the temperatures drop. Some shingles become brittle and susceptible to cracking. If roof work is critical, you may have to use different methods to complete the job. If you want more information about roofing types, check out our blog post titled Top Advantages of choosing a Standing Seam Metal Roof.

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